Lost in the Fog

LOST IN THE FOG is for those who enjoy classic crime & mystery capers but with a modern twist. It’s The Big Lebowski meets The Thomas Crown Affair. It’s like the taste of a coffee spiked with whiskey on a foggy afternoon after you’ve ditched work or school . . . or something to that effect.

Camden Swanson had reached a point in his life where he was content to swill beer in his free time and write haiku during his shifts as a museum security guard. He once had a successful TV and newspaper career, but that had long ago imploded. Upward mobility tends to disappear after you drop acid and write about monkey snakes invading the city.But when Camden is recruited by a woman prettier and taller than he’s ever seen to rob his museum, his days of drunken leisure are over.

Camden agrees to participate in the heist, but he never gets a chance. The night before he was to help steal the museum’s prized Matisse sculptures, somebody else beats them to it. The Tall Woman believes Camden used his insider information to double cross her, and gives him three days to return the sculptures or else he will be killed.Camden teams up with Veronica Zarcarsky, an admin who works at the museum, to find the real thief. She is a recent journalism grad who sees this as a chance to launch her career.


Camden and Veronica embark on an adventure into the underbelly of the San Francisco art world, where they’ll either become celebrated reporters or be murdered.

I have a B.S. in Journalism from Boston University and a Master’s Degree from Emerson College where I studied film and television. In addition to spending six years in Los Angeles learning the craft of storytelling by writing screenplays, I lived the milieu of my novel by working in an art museum and being a resident of San Francisco. Lost in the Fog is the first in a planned series featuring Veronica and Camden. 

A Model Community

Hollywood . . . a land of movie stars, models, and million dollar deals. But not for Tim Parker. Tim has a dreary job and wastes his nights drinking with struggling writers, actors, and stand-up comics. Lately he’s having trouble distinguishing one day from the next. That’s until Dean Reardon, his college roommate, appears at his doorstep.

Dean, the lucky one. Dean, the guy with infinite potential. Dean . . . has changed since college. He says he’s come west in search of money, lost love and redemption, and desperately needs Tim’s help. In A Model Community, what follows is a bizarre odyssey through the town that projects happy endings on the silver screen, but is less charitable with them in reality